The Arena Moto is a Motorized version of the original Arena Gaming Desk. It is rated one of the top gaming style desks on the market today. ‘Best Dedicated Gaming Computer Desk’ by



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Motorized Gaming Desk

With the simple push of a button, you can now adjust the height of the Arena desk. Whether you want to work sitting down or standing up, the mechanical Arena is the one for you. With the new electrical addition you’ll get a desk that is modern, durable and easy to manage.

Just like before, the Arena provides ample room for a variety of office tasks.With this top-of-the-line height adjustable desk, you’ll easily achieve the perfect sit/stand balance throughout your gaming or work sessions.


  • Full-surface mouse pad
  • Mouse pad is water-resistant and machine washable
  • Large surface at 160x82cm/ 5’3”x2’8.25”
  • 3 Cut outs for cable management and monitor attachment
  • Cable management basket tightly fit under the desk
  • Sturdy steel legs for long lasting stability
  • Crossbar for added stability
  • Twin Motors makes it faster and stronger
  • Customisable pre-sets
  • Headset hanger is included

Certificates: CE, FCC

Desk Top Load Capacity 120 kg (evenly distributed) 265 lbs (evenly distributed)
Desk Height 73 – 117 cm 28.7 – 46.1 inches
Number of boxes 2
Box 1 Gross Weight 30 kg 66 lbs
Box 1 Dimension 87.5 x 49 x 28 cm 34.4 x 19.3 x11 inches
Box 2 Gross Weight 29 kg 64 lbs
Box 2 Dimension 87.5 x 72.5 x 13 cm 34.4 x 28.5 x 5.1 inches
Desk Netto Weight 51.5 kg 113.5 lbs

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Huge Full-Surface Mousepad

The entire surface of the Arena Moto desk is covered with an interchangeable microfiber mousepad on top of a tough MDF board. The mousepad is specially designed to custom fit the curved 14 sq. ft. (1.31 sq. meters) Arena Moto desk with an anti-slip rubber bottom to ensure that it stays in place.

Water-resistant & Easy Clean

The full-surface mousepad is also water resistant, making clean up easy and simple. If you wish to have a more thorough cleaning, just throw in your machine washer at a low temperature & air dry afterwards.

Cable Management

The Arena Moto has 3 cut outs on top of the surface that leads to a mesh basket that tightly held against the underside of the desk top for cable management. This system is easier to manage, out of the way, and looks great.

Monitor Attachment

The 3 cut outs are not only for cable management but for attaching monitors as well. The 5’3” (160cm) wide desk is spacious enough to hold 3 large sized monitors.

Twin Motors

The double motors of the desk enable higher lift capacities while simultaneously being the faster, more sturdy option. It’s also more pleasing visually due to the motor placement in the legs and the sleek look of the frame because of it.

Customisable pre-sets

With the 4 numbered buttons on the display, you can save the different heights you wish the desks to be set to. Holding down that button will raise or lower the desk to that exact height.
You can download a more detailed guide of all the functions here:


Crossbar for added stability

To address any form of instability due to the possible height of the desk, a crossbar has been added between the top of the two legs. This is not found in most mechanical desks, but since a gaming setup in a lot of cases has heavier objects on top of it. It is essential for a stable and reliable gaming experience.

Health Benefits

Studies suggest that alternating from sitting to standing can provide multiple health benefits and boost productivity. Get one today and start enjoying various health benefits by standing more and sitting less.

Included Headset Hanger

A headset hanger is included with the Arena Moto. It can be attached underneath the desk on the right or left side depending on where the display is placed.

Assembly Guide

Having trouble putting your desk together? Check out our detailed video guide.

Or do you prefer a PDF guide? Don’t worry we got you covered!