With the Ancora, you decide for yourself how much cable you want available, so you always have a perfect length to move within.

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No more tangled cables!

This cable management device is designed to allow users to move the mouse without any restrictions from the cord being in the way. It is a perfect solution for space restrictions and a cleaner setup. No longer will you have to worry about tangled or pinched cables. Set up the exact length of cable you need to play, and game on.


  • Rubber feet
  • Extendable spring
  • Reliable Cord Holder
  • Weighted for Stability
Netto Weight 253g 8.9 ounces
Gross Weight 311g 11 ounces
Box Dimension 11.5 x 7.5 x 10.2 cm 4.53 x 2.95 x 4.02 inches

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Rubber feet

Four rubber feet on the bungees underside keeps it from moving from its place. Works well on all surfaces.

Extendable spring

Depending on how much you want the spring to bend and give in when you pull the cord. It can be adjusted in length. The further out you choose to have the spring, the more lenient it will be with your mouse and cable movement.

Extendable Spring

Reliable Cord Holder

The cord will be attached in three different places of the mouse bungee, securing that it will not move or give in as you tug and pull on the cord as you’re moving the mouse.

Weighted for Stability

Even if the bungee might look small it is very dense and has a good weight to it.The weight makes sure the bungee stays in place as you move your mouse around.