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Service Clientèle

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Frequently asked questions


I have trouble getting my wheels into place when assembling the chair, how can i fix this?

When you are pushing the wheels into their place and having a hard time, try wiggle them a bit like shown in the video below and they should pop right in!

My gas piston does not go up or down, did I assemble it wrong?

On top of the gas piston there is a red protective plastic cap which needs to be removed prior to mounting it, see the reference picture below.

I noticed that I need to remove the red protective plastic cap on the gas piston after I assembled the chair, is there a way to do it once already assembled?

Yes, please click the link below for instruction on how to remove the bottom parts of the chair in orer to get to the gas piston.




I am having a really hard time getting the screws into the backrest while assembling the chair, is there something wrong?

Make sure to clean all the screwholes prior to assembling it, there might be some residue left from the manufacture process of the chair which can cause a little bit of trouble when screwing the screws in place.
Also make sure not to screw one side too tight, if you do that you might end up having a real tough time to get the screws for the other side in place.

I don't understand how to attach the lumbar cushion, what do I do?

To attach the lumbar cushion in place you need to take the lower straps and pull them underneath the gap where the seat and backrest meet. Push them through to the other side, see picture below for reference!

Then take the upper straps and put them inside the cut out (see reference picture below) in the top of the chair and then attach the lower and upper straps into eachother.

How do I clean my PU leather chair?

Cleaning Pu leather is quite easy. Most stains are removed with water and a microfiber cloth.

  • Rubbin alcohol can remove ink stains easily from the PU leather.
  • All-purpose spray will remove liquids from the PU leather.
  • PVC moisturizers, reconditions and polishes PU leather and keeps them from cracking and peeling. This can extend the lifetime of your chair.

How do I clean my fabric chair?

The fabric is 100% polyester and it is marked with the laundry symbol W which is wet cleaning.

  • You can use water-based detergent with a steam vacuum or a dry cleaning detergent.
  • It is important that you use a mild detergent and that you don’t get the fabric too wet.
Garantie Du Fabricant

Garantie Du Fabricant

Merci de votre intérêt pour les produits et services d’Arozzi. Cette garantie limitée du fabricant s'applique à tous les produits achetés auprès d'Arozzi Europe ou de l'un de nos revendeurs officiels en Europe.

Que couvre cette garantie limitée ?
Cette garantie limitée couvre tout défaut de matériel ou de fabrication dans des conditions normales d’utilisation pendant les deux premières années à compter de la date d’achat.

Période de garantie.
Pendant la période de garantie, Arozzi Europe réparera ou remplacera gratuitement le (s) produit (s) ou la (les) pièce (s) d’un produit qui s’avère défectueux en raison de matériaux ou de fabrication incorrects, dans des conditions d’utilisation et de maintenance normales.

Que ferons-nous pour corriger les problèmes?
Arozzi Europe corrigera directement le problème en remplaçant gratuitement la ou les pièces défectueuses par des pièces de rechange neuves ou remises à neuf.

Combien de temps dure la couverture?
La période de garantie pour tout produit acheté chez Arozzi Europe ou chez l’un des revendeurs officiels est de 2 ans à compter de la date d’achat.
Un produit ou une pièce de remplacement assume la garantie restante du produit original.

Qu’est-ce que cette garantie limitée ne couvre pas?
Cette garantie limitée ne couvre aucun problème causé par:

  • Conditions, dysfonctionnements ou dommages ne résultant pas de défauts de matériaux ou de fabrication (taches, égratignures et problèmes similaires).

Que devez-vous faire?
Pour bénéficier du service de garantie, vous devez d’abord nous contacter via notre formulaire de contact afin de déterminer le problème et la solution la plus appropriée pour vous. Vous pouvez le trouver dans l’onglet à droite.

Livraison Et Suivi

Livraison Et Suivi

Sales & Delivery
When placing your order please double check your personal information at the checkout before proceeding to payment and finalizing your order, once the order is placed you will not be able to edit that information, also please check your order details and the “ship to” address (if different you’re your residential address). Once the product leaves our warehouse via Bring it can be tracked via a tracking ID provided by email.
We only accept orders online, we will not accept order by email or by phone.

All the information we ask for when you place your order is essential for us to process your order and keep you informed. We do not sell, rent or otherwise pass on any personal data to other parties.

We accept payment via PayPal and credit card.

We ship for free within continental US. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii are subject to additional fee. We can not ship to P.O. boxes or  APO/FPO/DPO. Our normal handling time is 1-2 business days, but may be more during the busy holiday season. We will inform you regarding the status of your order. Orders will be shipped with FedEx and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail when your order has been processed and shipped. We will do our utmost to get your order delivered as soon as possible, with exceptions of weather and other conditions beyond our control.

Product Descriptions/Specifications
Arozzi has put effort into making the specifications and descriptions as accurate as possible. However, Arozzi does not warrant that said descriptions/specifications or any other content of this site is error-free. If you have any questions before your purchase which is not answered by the current information you can contact us via our contact page.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase you must return the product in unused condition and packaged in its original packaging within 30 days from delivery date. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
Refund will be processed when the product has been examined by our RMA.

Contactez Le Service Clientèle

Contactez Le Service Clientèle

Besoin d'aide avec l'un de nos produits ? Ou peut-être avez-vous une question d'ordre général pour Arozzi? N'hésitez pas à nous contacter ! Plus nous fournirons d’informations, mieux nous pourrons vous aider.

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Phone Number : (Direct Line) +1 (805) 484-0132
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